Quality management

The ISO 9000 standards provide businesses with the means to meet certain quality control and management standards. They define the requirements of good quality management system (QMS), irregardless of the specific industry sector or the size of the business. They have been implemented by over 760,000 organizations in over 150 countries world-wide.

The ISO 9000 standards are particularly useful for industries that have many competitors, since the standards help the business focus on customer requirements and customer satisfaction. The ISO 9000 standards establish a generic framework and principles for quality assessment. A key principle is the audit process.

There are over 30 ISO standards related to quality management. Many are specific to particular industries. Three of the general ISO 9000 standards that could serve as a foundation for establishing quality processes in the language industry are described in this section. For information about ISO quality related standards, visit the following Web sites:

ISO 9000 - Quality Management

ISO 9000 - Quality Management Principles

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