Markup format for terminological data

Type of document:
International Standard (under revision)
ISO 30042, "TermBase eXchange (TBX)," is an XML-based framework for representing terminology markup languages. It supports various types of processes involving terminological data, including analysis, descriptive representation, dissemination, and interchange, in various computer environments. The primary purpose of TBX is for the representation and interchange of terminological data. TBX also provides a default set of data-categories that are commonly used in terminological databases. TBX was originally developed by the OSCAR committee of LISA. Future versions will be jointly developed by ISO TC37/SC3 and the ETSI LIS.
Workflow stage:
1.7, 1.14, 2.4, 2.10
Business value:
TBX facilitates the exchange of information between terminology databases.
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