Terminology standardization projects

Type of document:
International Standard
2001 (reconfirmed in 2011)
ISO 15188, "Project management guidelines for terminology standardization," provides guidelines for the phases, procedures, and overall management of terminology standardization projects. It covers general standardization projects and projects for international standardization bodies. It does not cover the principles of terminology work (see ISO 704), methodological approaches (see ISO 860), the preparation and layout of standards (see ISO 10241), or the development of terminological databases (see ISO 12618). It covers the various project management phases of a terminology standardization project (preparation, design, implementation, review). Helpful flowcharts are included. In spite of its date, the principles are still valid today.
Workflow stage:
1.7, 2.4, 2.7, 2.10
Business value:
Economic benefits due to more efficient communication, facilitates trade and improves productivity, facilitates access to international markets.
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